Time Away

Time AwayA book co-authored with my mentor and friend Ben Johnson. Ben did the heavy lifting on this project but asked me to collaborate - particularly on the areas relating to monastic spirituality. As a part of my contribution I authored services for Lauds and Vespers which are in the book appendix B. These audio podcast are to aid those who are new to this form of worship and want to sing along. — PHL

“This book is about how to make a personal retreat. It also provides a few resources to help a beginner. This type of retreat is different from a group retreat because it is planned and conducted by each individual. The chapters that follow will help you become clearer on what a retreat is, how to prepare for it, how to plan your time away, and how to re-enter your world after the retreat. One chapter is dedicated to making a monastic retreat; it will give guidance to those who have never been to a monastery, and it will deepen the understanding of monastic life for those who have previously made a monastic retreat. I asked a friend of mine, Dr. Paul Lang, to assist in writing this book.

Paul is a Presbyterian minister in Greenville, North Carolina [currently in Fargo, ND - PHL]. He was a student of mine in seminary and we have developed a continuing friendship after his graduation fifteen years ago. He is totally responsible for the chapter on monastic retreats, the offices of Lauds and Compline in the Appendices and he has made significant contributions to the other chapters. I welcome his valuable contribution.”

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